Friday, October 4, 2013

Rolex Explorer I Ref 14270 and Ref 214270

Matt Damon and his Explorer I Ref 14270

Two Generations of Explorer I. Which one you prefer?

Explorer I Ref 14270  (36mm)
When I travelled to Singapore, I went to People’s park oriental Watch Shop buying Four Explorer I
Ref 14270 with Each HKD$14,900. At That time, that was a hot item and not so many stock available, something like the GMT Master II Blue in HK now.
I sold One of them at Cost to one of my colleague, and three of them sold with some profit of HKD$3,000 each.

Ref 214270
Now The new face listed Explorer I Ref 214270 (39mm) is selling HKD$48,200, assuming less 10% discount, that is HKD$43,380.
Major Difference other than size of the “Explorer “ is printed at O’clock position on Ref 214270.
Both watch strap is of size 20mm, Which I think it is best matching with size of the watch on Ref 14270.
Whereas the same strap is a bit smaller on Ref 214270.
Which One do you prefer!?
1. If you are looking for long term value Ref 14270 as the market value is HKD$29,000 to HKD$34,000 whereas Ref 214270 is selling HKD$28,000-30,000 in Pre-owned Watch market.
2. Rolex Ref 14270 fits for middle size man and women.
3. Seems Ref 14270 is more classic than Ref 214270.

Find the best one that suit you, both of them is good watch.

I think Woman wears the Older version of Ref 14270 looks very charming!
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