Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rob Brown was accused using a fraudulent Credit card to purchase Movado watch in Macy's NY.

Rob Brown was arrested and handcuffed for using Fake AMEX card buying a Movado Watch At Macy’s
Rob Brown, actor known for his work on the HBO show Treme and from movies like Finding Forrester, Coach Carter, and the recent release, Don Jon, says that he was arrested this summer by officers in Macys in Herald Square after purchasing a $1, 350 Movado watch as a graduation present for his mother.
While making a purchase there, Brown says he was approached by officers out of uniform who arrested him and accused him of using a fake card to buy the watch in Macy’s. He was handcuffed and walked into a holding area for shoplifters inside of Macy’s on an upstairs level.
“They kept telling me, ‘Your card is fake. You’re going to jail,” Brown said in an interview AC360 CNN Yesterday.
After 45 minutes and checking through the actor’s bags, police realized they made a mistake and let him go. Though he was late because of the incident, Brown says he was able to make it to his mother’s graduation (police gave him a ride), but that didn’t stop him from sharing his distaste over the incident on Twitter soon after back in June and the case was on CNN yesterday AC360.
There is many repeated cases that Racial profiling is common in a Country Like USA. What if this case could happened in HK.
I can tell you : NEVER! As Hong Kong Shop keeper look for Money, don't care who you are, of Course if you care Chinese from China would be service like you are emperor.
This is the rank of preferred list of customers from my personal understanding
1.       Mainlander from China, age >45, crew cut men, not necessary well dress up.
2.       Mainlander from China, age >30 women, well Decorated with luxury brands  on the
           body; Bag, Shoes , dress
3.       Singaporean age >50 men wearing Gold Rolex
4.       Malaysian Chinese, Age about 50, walking in with a pretty Young lady
5.       Thai men, age about 50, wearing a massive gold Chain with size like the one to moor
           Star Cruise Ship.
6.       Korean
7.       Taiwanese
8.       Japanese
9.       Kong Tsan
11. ...

998. Burundi
999. Zimbabwe
1000. Democratic Republic of the Congo
      1001. HK Snob, Watch fever

HK Snob
HK Kong Tsan, Watch Fever
Sham Shui Po Kong Tsan Watch Snob

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