Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rolex Submariner Ref 116610LV and Explorer I Ref 14270 on Sales

Rolex Explorer I Ref 14270

A  Human Psychological decision to take it or leave it!?
Have you ever been invited by a young and pretty lady who you know in 5 minutes in a bar to go to her house?
I bet you would not go with her!? In fact there are really many of this came into happy endings. There are 10/90 people Blood test would tell; “HIV +” the next week after.
When we get older, we are trained by our experience to alert ourselves always” Don’t go for it!”
Yes, there is no freebie in Hong Kong, but guess who that is a diamond bachelor that has good enough income to spend on these luxury items, When he got an upgrade, seem he want to let go it for cash.
When we go to buy something, when we could see too many available choice for you!
When there are too many choices, that is virtually no choice!
When we are offered good offer, people will suspect why the price is so good, why the offering price is so low!?
It happens real life…
People sell the Rolex Explorer I Ref 14270 at Price HKD$14,800? Mint with Box, certificate bought in Geneva! Do you want to take it!? That is the same price that I bought Explorer I in Singapore People's Park  1996! I bought Four one time. At that time, HKers liked that watch so much!
(Sold to Ringo on 1000, 4 Oct 2013)
Another one sells me his Ref 116610LV at HKD$64,000 but he used for four times.  Do you want to take it!?
HK Snob

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