Thursday, October 10, 2013

Roamer Watch, a kind of popular watch in the 60s

   Ip man taught "Wing Chun' at roof top of a building at Tai Nam Street appeared at Movie "Ip Man 2"

   Donnie Yeh and Sammo Hung in the movie "Ip Man 2", the fight was a qualification test for allowing Ip man to teach Martial Art in HK.
 a 1958 Roamer Vanguard Gold plated Watch
  Back side of The Roamer Vanguard

Fritz Meyer opened a workshop in Solothurn with half a dozen employees producing cylinder escapements in 1888.
There have been numerous classic watch made by Roamer over the years.

The Swiss Watch Group acquires 50% of Roamer. Together with the Chinese distribution partner and part owner Chung Nam Corp, the brand initializes its successful re-positioning on the international watch market.  Sammo Hng was appointed as the Watch ambassador in 2009.

The nostalgia ad of Roamer Watch was appeared on “ Ip man 2, legend of the grand master” movie” played by Donnie Yeh and Sammo!

in the 60s, Roamer, Milus, Tudor Longines, Tittoni, Ernest Eborel, Rado Sandoz were some of the popular brands for HKers

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Jimmy said...

嘩~ 原來真係有哩隻錶~ Thanks for sharing~

HK Snob said...

Hi Jimmy

Yes, Roamer was in the third tier watch in HK in the 50 to 70s.

Now is coming back with Hung Kam Po (Sam Mo) as watch ambassador.

But this is the fourth Tier watch now in Swiss and HK.

Thanks for visiting my Blog!

HK Snob