Thursday, October 3, 2013

Paradox of Life!?

Wishes From one of our best staff... thanks!

Can you see this picture, do you see something that is Moving!?- no, that is visual paradox.
Can you tell what is this? Money or Wallet? This is a Wallet made by bank note design washable cotton, not money.
Can you see this watch?, is that Rolex? Can you tell what is the dial display what month? What Date is that!? No, that is not Rolex!
Well, "Oct 3rd" is the display….Well, that is not paradox, that is the Birthday of HK Snob!
And Most of all, Thanks You for those who sent me wishes on my birthday.
I found myself wiser by one more year and closer one year to the end of life...and I always say One happy Today worth two unknown Tomorrow.
Anyway, thanks for the one who pass the message to me, I truely would remember that...


Thanks for the Birthday greeting (Comment) from one of Watch Fever friends. I had accidentally removed the comment on my Samsung handphone...!!! Very Sorry...


Mr. Leaf said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
HK Snob said...

Hi Mr leaf, I am terribly sorry due to my Samsung display too small I made error...
Can you tell you who you are!? or re-comment again!?
HK Snob

Mr. Leaf said...

Happy Birthday HK Snob!

HK Snob said...

Hi Mr. leaf,
Do i know you for long time!?
Thank you for your second Comment on my Birthday!