Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bo Derek and Jenny Derek, Rolex Ref 1805 and Ref 118206

 Bo Derek

Rolex Day Date Ref 1805 Platinum

Rolex Ref 1805 Vs Ref 118206, Bo Derek Vs Jenny Derek
When I was young, Bo Derek was one of the girls that often appeared in dreams.
When I was young Ref 1805 was not the watch that I could afford, it was selling at least HKD$18,000 in 1967.

Nowadays, when my capability in earning improved a lot, yet still could not afford to buy the Latest Rolex Day Date Ref 118206 HKD$430,000. They are the beauty of two era, Bo Derek in the 70’s and Jenny Derek, daughter of Bo is the super beauty of nowadays…

Jenny Derek

Rolex Ref 118206 Day Date in Platinum

When we try to co-related these two beauties, Bo and Jenny, I think of Rolex Day Date Ref 1805 and
Ref 118206  As they have the same gene, a Rolex Tradition of watch making, an illustration of Sport excellence, and class of Platinum expression!
HK Snob

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