Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is the guy I met Today.... Firday The Thirty First not Friday The Thirteenth...

This is good friend of mine, Gerrald Boyles who works in a famous Texas Steak house running by a Japanese in Alabang.
This is a restaurant I like going for lunch with Customer.
Picture taken by Samsung Note II LTE 31 Oct 2013

Guess what kind of watch he wears, this is it? Wow! Are you kidding? Yes, of course this is Friday Halloween day, his watch must be black and have a sense of mystery…sharp edges…good contrast!

 Photography Courtesy of  Watch What-If section here on

This is Original Rolex Sky-Sweller Design

How do you like this watch design, I think it is nice and I want to get one too if that is available. Definitely not from Rolex as Rolex never product anything Black or Coated with hardened chrome!
No! this is the design work of Beau Hudspeth who does the artwork and concepting after he choose the models and styles to focus on. The Rolex SkyDweller.
Have a Happy Halloween Day!

HK Kong Tsan, HK Watch Fever, HK Snob
Sham Shui Po Kong Tsan Snob.
Ap Liu Street Kong Tsan
Tsim Sha Tsui Kong Tsan Snob
LED Fever, HK Snob

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