Monday, March 24, 2014

What's Wrong with my Rolex!?

What defects you have seen over the years.

Rolex and you are proud of the Reliability and quality of the Swiss greatest watch, however there are s still some of the naught boys that has discipline issues....

There are a lot of defects we have seen over the years, these are some of them.

The Whole movement has been forced to rotated 90- degrees such that the Rolex Corona is at Three O’clock side after sever drops of the Rolex on the concrete floor. (Repair by replaced the crown pin and movement lock up screw).

The second hand touches the minutes hand and cause the watch to stop- Severe Shock impaired on the watch. (Replace the second hand, or re-install the loosed second hand)

The watch is simply inaccurate- The watch was magnetized under strong magnetic flux. (could be demagnetized with a special watch demagnetizer)

The Watch does not change date at mid night. (Replace some of the mechanical parts or spring at the date disk.)

The watch gains like 3 minutes a day – the spring coil stuck together or the coil was deformed.
(Change the coil spring assembly, or clean off the lubricant accidentally fall on the spring and re-install it again)

The Hour Indicator drops out- As show on one of the Famous Fung Shui master in Hong Kong on his new Yacht master. Change a new dial or simple fix a new hour indicator on the dial)

The Screw crown thread was badly worn out- caused by improper way to screw up the crown. (change the crown pin and crown slot as it’s crew thread may be worn off already)

The Crown was broken- some new Rolex users does not know that we need to unscrew the crown before we can adjust the watch, they use Plier to turn and adjust the crown that causes damage breakage – I heard the client talked to Rolex people about this some 25 years ago at Rolex Service Centre. (Change new Crown)

Watch vapors could be seen under the crystal. (leakage due to improper use of wrong o-ring diameter, old ring worn off, clean the movement, replace with new o-ring and gasket, add some silicon grease before tighten up the cover. Check under pressure flask for water proof)

Dial is found micro crack. The most heart-burnt defect that happened on your beloved REF1803 Stella Red Dial! (No way to be repaired, only be replaced only if Rolex has spare, but I think they will charge you HKD$30,000 a piece!)

It stops not long later after I pick up from the shelf that the watch has been left untouched for months (we should manual winding up min. 20 times before put it on your wrist for auto winding to gain its power to run the watch, it applies to all Auto-winding watch, not just Rolex) It the watch still cannot run more than 40 hours after wearing for 8 hour, you may need to send to Rolex Service Centre to have a health Check or cleaning)

The Rolex starts to slow for more than 7 seconds a day. (time to clean the Rolex at RSC)
HK Snob

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