Thursday, March 13, 2014

What Rolex will show off at BaselWorld 2014?

What will be the next eye-catching Rolex new Model at BaselWorld 2014?
Many gurus are forecasting the GMT Master II Blue Red Pepsi will be out this year.

This would be exciting news of those people looking for both the older generation people like I and the new players. It would be a good news for those who had an older GMT master II Ref 16170 with Pepsi Colour.  I don’t think so as this is not a usual practice to use exactly the same watch shape colour from Rolex as a retro watch launch. Well, if so, the price will be unchanged HKD$56,300 I think and I see no reason why they will further increase the price.
The price ref new 116710BLNR $65,300 is to test the market response.
As Submariner Ref 11660LN is Selling HKD$62,100 and GMT Master II Ref 1161710LN Green Pointer is selling HKD$61,200 which is about HKD$900 lower than Submariner. There will have tendency to increase price of Submariner from HKD$62,100 to somewhat higher but there should be some changes on the design.
Will Submariner stay on higher price like HKD$66,100?  But they got to have new modification, they have the Ref 16610LV Green bezel, and Ref 116610LV Green Bezel Green Dial now, What else!?
I think they may come up with a Chocolate Dial and Submariner which does look like patina dial that Would be a great new for me as this will be empty my pocket again.
If that is the case, I will be the first one to buy!

For many cases, Rolexes will release a low cost steel versions after gold is released, but I think it will not happen for Sky Dweller, WHY?
They need not to go for these Steel version as they want to reserve its Prestige position as they will kill the White gold Sky Dweller market, unless they market a new colour to differentiate the White Gold Sky Dweller, somewhat like Day Date, no steel version.

Milgauss Ref 114600
I guess Milgauss While Dial will be suspended for production as it is a slow mover.
The Ref 114600LV green glass with dark grey dial will still be available in 2014.
The Ref 114600 Black dial the best seller will remain active.
I guess that Rolex will launch a new Milgauss of new colour Dial with the iconic orange second pointer in Baselworld 2014!   Which One In terms of popularity, they may consider this order :
Blue, , Orange, Green, Burgundy Red, Brownish Red,

For Blue colour to be revieled in BaselWorld, chance is high, Orange is good that is a great colour for young people who wears this Milgauss for all kind of activities. I like Orange Most!

Honesty, I like the Burgundy most and then the Orange
For the above model, thos are just my personal comment only.
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