Monday, March 10, 2014

Shops that do Watch Whole Sales in HK

While Abenomic is working out some magic to change the Japanese Economy, at least some of the Japanese White collars are receiving an increase of salary for the first time in the past 5 years.
Well, while Japanese was used to be the major Collector’s paradise for Rolex in the 80’s. They have huge collection of various Rolex watches… but now there is a change for them to CASH them, more and more watch chain sell their Rolex in HK, Brand Off at Lok Road, and this new shop I found yesterday at Hoi Noi Road TST.
They do whole sales, for those people who buy watch and re-marketing them in their countries like Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam…
This is the “Jupiter” you can try other than Kuen Kee who does Whole Sales.
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Anonymous said...

Dear HK Snob,

How many watches purchased at one time would be considered a wholesale and how much cheaper can we expect than the tag price?

Thank you in advance.


HK Snob said...

Hi Tong
As far as I know, there is no fixed rules, once if they buy,they go in lot, say 10 Pieces of Submariner,becasue of that size they have a much bigger discount, to the shop, they can sell fast...
Exactly how exactly they run i know not until I get into their people.

HK Snob