Sunday, March 9, 2014

香港俗語 Vs Rolex俗語

海鮮是"seafood",而打獵英語是"Hunt "
整句是"seafood hunt".
發明者,HK Snob.即是我,年份2007.

“PK”, "卜街", 港式俗話, 情度上是粗口。發明者無從諧考,年份大约1990

半今晚打老虎 - [this evening hit tiger] how are you?
(a joke transposition of French "Comment allez-vous ?")

夜親生仔不如近生錢 - having one’s own money is better than relying on one’s child

食黃瓜 bun yé sihk wőhng gwāa - (eating gourd at midnight) : unaware of full situation

刮沙 - to eke out a living, to squeeze money out with difficulty

"甲帶"Oyster bracelet
"珠帶"Julibee bracelet
"總統帶"Day Date 上的President bracelet


膏藥面” 就是Submariner 16800 Rolex SS Submariner 'Transitional' Reference 16800!

盲眼仔指沒有日曆的Submariner Ref 114060.

Submariner Ref 116610LV green dial and green bezel called “Sub Hulk”

Submariner Ref 116613LB  White Gold with blue dial called “Smurfs”

HK Snob
HK Watch Fever
HK Kong Tsaan

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