Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Those Were The Days ...Just!

A Dragon Air Air bus flew over the Old Scary Kai Tak Airport seen through the Strret of Kowloon City

Those were the days?

The term nostalgia describes sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

Those who are over 50 may know what I am talking about.

 A Wanton noodles with Three Wanton was selling at HKD$0.30 in 1966

We used to have an economy class Wanton noodles with 3 wanton in one bowl which I had to pay just HKD$0.3. Whilse some other shop sold Wanton Noodle at HKD$0.5. The taste was fantastic and until now my palate still remind me those were the real good stuff!

People criticizes me how comes a bowl of 3O cents Wanton was yummy!

He said that because we were in the 70’s people is prone to be satisfied anything that can stuff up our stomach, not mentioned about taste. I don't agree… why!?

A bottle of 7-up or Schweppes Cream Soda was selling at HKD$0.15 in 1962

I told him that is wrong, as matter of fact people nowadays are prone to lose the discernment on food critics.

We did not have fast food in HK back in 60, the first hamburger was made locally by one restaurant owner in Hung Hom before the official landing of the US fast Food invader Burger King and then  MacDonald.

We had a formula to make Wanton Noodle soup, we used shrimp head, shrimp shell and Tai Dei fish boiled for overnight for soup, nowadays may be an easier process just some pork or bone from the cow and some Aji-No-Moto to make the soup instantly!

The Wanton of the 60s consisted of a shrimp, port, fats, some bamboo soot to add some chewing favour, nowadays, Wanton means a “Shrimp Dumpling” a single big whole shrimp and no meat! What is the Originality of Wanton… has gone!

Why? As a bigger Wanton sized like your fist with shrimp only can ask for HKD$50 dollar, if you put pork, fat and some touches of shrimp with size of the chess nut probably you cannot sell more than HKD$20.00.

We used to have Chinese onion and now people just put the white portion of Chinese onion or “Kor Wong” to show that the Wanton noodles has been made from Expensive ingredient but the taste is not as tasted as good as we were enjoying some 40 years ago using green union.

Well, not just because I was poor at that time, because of the attitude how people made food for the living, they had the passion to make the wanton best of it kind.

People likes to listen to vinyl record not just because of the audio quality, somehow they could remember those were the days, when they were young, listening to Old pa’s 3 in 1 Audio equipment.

Somehow people drink Chateau Latour 1959, Chateau Lafifte 1996 because that is the birthday of oneself and his beloved daughter. These are the best wine that you probably cost you a Rolex Submariner Ref 116613LB.

                                           Rolex Ref 1601 Date Just in Stainless Steel

When we were in golden old day, Rolex had already built the Date Just Ref 1601 which was sold for HKD$900 in 1962 and a Day Date Ref 1803 about HKD$5,000. What impress us is that the quality of such a watch will be good enough to be compared with the best watch made today with similar price level with Accuracy, Reliability, style, Value, Function…

but still I believe you being a discerning taste of appreciate good stuff and good olden day we once had had, I believe you would like to stick to the good old watch to be matching you on your powerful wrist that could possible steer your life to a better direction.

Rolex does not just tell time, It tells history!

This is a 1962 Rolex Date Just Ref 1601. It was sold in HKD$900.

If you lost your father’s Rolex, or you lost your own Rolex to the Casino of Lisboa Macao, there is a Chance now you can buy back the 50 years of History with just HKD$11,500!

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