Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Beautifl Rolex Date Just With Sodalite Dial Ref 16234 on Sale!

How about a year 2,000 Rolex Date Just Blue Sodalite Dial, a Beautiful Sample of 98% new Excellent Plus Condition.

Well, it was sold about HKD$29,500 approximately In year 2000, this is a rare to see and likely NEVER will be made again by Rolex on Date Just Steel Model, Why!?

The process of making the Sodalities Dial is tedious, and the search for such an even distribution colour and pattern dial is a painstaking task for Rolex jeweler.
The Time to make one dial take almost a day for Rolex and the yield is about 15% only. High Cost to make!

Why not Rolex put this dial after Laser cut another window for the “Day” at 12’ O’clock position on a Rolex Flag Ship “Day Date” series that they can sell at a price tag of Minimum HKD$300,000? This is Business Right? So over thse years since 1989 till now, we hardly to find any Rolex Date Just with this kind of dial anymore!

This case is a similar case of how Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo could reach a Record high at Auction of HKD$275,000 in 2012. As I always told myself the number of unit made for Stainless steel should not be more than 500 in 1972.  Scarcity is one of the major factors for Watch Collectors to consider.

How about this piece of watch in the HK market? I have dig out the Website of so-called The best reference seller for pre-owned Rolex in HK, the Kuen Kee has the similar watch was sold with HKD$46,000

Now this watch owner who may need money to make a purchase of Hermes Handbag for his wife, wish to let go at just HKD$42,000!

Take a look and this watch, as it is
~ Rare animal

~It is Beautiful, never been polished!

~ It is Stainless steel that it can be used Every day!  More Value could be “Gained” day by day.

~Under-valued with such a condition.

~36mm, Well, it fits the trend for ladies!

What is not in your mind!? Mouthwatering!?

Watch Sold already on 29 March 2014
HK Snob
Watch Fever

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