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Quality Remains the only Factor in all successful stories; Pen, Amplifier, Watch..whatever....

Quality Remain the only Factor in all successful stories; Pen, Amplifier, Watch..

If you all audiophile, of hi Fi Maniac, probably you know these names:
Marantz , the master of Vacuum Tube Amplifier
Model 7 Pre-amplifier, Made between 1960-1966. Excellent Condition price at HKD$50,000. It was sold at USD$550 in 1960!

Mark Levinson 1989-1992
Mark Levinson was an Audio pioneer and entrepreneur in 80s. He designed the best Solid State Transistor amplifier without use of Integrated Circuit in the major Audio path!
No.26: Dual monaural preamplifier with remote power supply. Price: HKD$40,000
No.20.6: monoblock power amplifier. Output: 100W into 8 ohms Price: HKD$100,000
Well, these are the best Mark Levinson had made as the masterpiece of amplifier. It was sold in the 80 approximately with HKD$15,000-20000. Model 20 and 26 is still top of the list for Audiophile to buy as the best transistor Audio Amplifiers, the New Mark Levinson has lost the spirit as it is no longer built by Mark anymore!

Lin Sondek introduced the turntable LP-12 in 1973, until now it is still one of the top ten LP Turn tables for audiophile, I bought mine with HKD$12,000 in 1996, now the full option is asking HKD$160,000. It will be continued as a Turn Table legend for next coming 20 years!

Watermans Patrician was made in 1929, The sample of Turquoise is about HKD$40,000.
It was sold USD$10.00 only in 1929! Why?
It was the year for Watermans’ creation on this great pen, no more possible to be made as it was made of celluloid in Art Deco period from the largest Pen manufacturer at that time. Watermans is now a French Owner, no more as people remember about what Real Watermans is as it was the top of the Big Four US Pen makers in the 20s.

Dunhill Namiki Hand crafted Pen was made in 1920-1960
Dunhill Namiki Limited Edition fountain pens are crafted by hand, taking over three month to complete and involving as many as eighty processes. Every pen is a work of art, as the artist's signature proudly testifies, and an example of Japan's ancient culture.
This is the great Master KYOSAI Yoshida’s creation. Pen features the mask of the devil women (Hannya), the drum of celebration and the scattering of maple leaves. A true work of art this is the "CROWN JEWEL" for any collection. Pen is MINT in Presentation box with all papers is HKD$400,000

Koetsu MC cartridge
This is a legendary cartridge hand crafted by Mr. Koetsu and there is no more to be found even if you have money as the founder had passed away, the reason why their cartridge is so good because they were hand crafted as the Japanese sword.
Ridiculous large soundstage - from the lowest point of the floor to the top of the ceiling, every inch of the room is filled with sound. Absolutely brilliant Sound!
Audemars Piguet
Audemars Piguet’s legendry watch Royal Oak Jumbo 39mm was created in 1972
Steel version was sold HKD$275,000 in 2012 Auction
Gold version is hardly to be found at all in Auctions, probably the owner is looking for the new high rise of the tide to reach…

How About Rolex?
Needless to say as you have been knowing what is it!?
Buy for the best you could afford, consider the factors that price will appreciate in future.
1.       Scarcity is the key.
2.       The Ugly more in past, the Lovely more in Future.
3.       Platinum is always better than Gold, and Gold is always than Stainless steel in value.
4.       Something you like is better than something others like.
5.       Use it, don't put it in the safe Deposit box.
6.       Daytona stainless steel black is the exception as Rolex makes only Two pieces a   
7.       It is not too late to come to the World of Rolex, Today’s beginning can be an expert
          after one year!

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luis acuna said...

3 of the watches you featured on your blog is coming to Hong Kong thru antiquorum Cartier,omega and Tiffany your friend Theodore Asia

HK Snob said...

Hi Iuis, I dont get you? When these watch will come HK!?
HK Snob

luis acuna said...

March 27,28 antiquorum Hong Kong

luis acuna said...

March 26,27 at antiquorum Hong Kong