Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rolex Ref 1601 14KT Two Tone Date Just

Rare Rolex 14 KT Date Just Ref 1601, with very good dial condition, a watch of the general usage for men at work, hangout, travelling that you don't have to care about it as it is a sturdy Rolex!


HK Snob


ss said...

Hi HK Snob
Is this watch still available?
If yes, any visible scratches?
Does it come with certificate etc?


HK Snob said...

Minor scratches, but the dial is close of perfect., I ahve scrutinized this watch already.
price is supberb, as Kuen Kee is sellling $18,500- $21,500 on its website,
if you can whatsapp me, I can send you more info,

This watch is not mind, but help to make ad for my good friends who is a collector and dealer.,

Are you from Hong Kong!?

HK Snob