Monday, March 17, 2014

Rolex Ref 6605 Date Just, taste like a Vintage Bottle of Chateau Latour 1959!

A mellow and yet full of tannin and body vintage wine of good year 1959 from Bordeaux,  Chateau Latour (RP 100) as it was from the good year of 1959, still young and energetic after 55 years.

Same time we look at the time on this evenly grown Patina Dial that had been honestly running for many summers and winters telling minutes and hours to his owner. It had  witnessed numerous quarrels between husbands and wife, marriage and divorce, US and CCCP cold war, the US and Vietnam war,  Nationwide Taliban-led insurgency, which includes hundreds of assassinations and suicide attacks in one of the world's most dangerous countries; Afghanistan!

World Trade Towers was destroyed by terrorists  on 911 in 2001, the Leman brothers melt down Sept 15 2008… that triggered US to wake up about its way of overspending… mysterious incident of MH370 was lost for more than 10 days…

Rolex Ref 6605, a watch that could be so perfect in style that does not need to be changed after so many years, only with some scar and silver lines of an old man appearing on the skin, but the inside was as NEW as it was leaving the Rolex's Factory 55 years ago… !!!

What a Watch we should not ignore… Please wear it on your wrist…for another 55 years to witness Human being to invent Time Machine back to Future!

Well, no one will laugh at you wearing your father’s watch as this is A Rolex!

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