Sunday, March 2, 2014

Rolex Oysterdate Ref 6694

Rolex Osyter Date Precision Ref 6694
If I could buy a budget Rolex, this is it! Yes, this is a real
Entry basic Rolex, almost 300,000 have been produces and
it is commonly being found at some of the flea market, at AP
Liu Street of Sham Shui Po, or some of the stores of pre-
owned Rolex in corners of Temple street.

It’s lack of an automatic movement, manual winding for
power reserve up to 48 hours. There is no Chronometer
certification and larger size case.  Thus it is not a hot
commodity amongst Rolex enthusiast. However, when you
are looking for an everyday watch that incorporates many of
the famous Rolex features carrying with a vintage look that
sets you just apart from the general taste of the Rolexes,
this could be your choice!  

The thinner, smaller 34mm solid Oyster-case and smart use
of brushed and polished surfaces make this watch more of a
nice all-rounder.  Especially your wriest is small and or you
are a young girl, it could be your sincere companion for

many years.

It does not come a lot of small words “ Superlative…
certified” simply no bother… “Precision”!

There is no winding rotor and associate gears and rackets, it
is a Rolex Cellini in Oystercase, it would last much more
longer, much less frequent need for overhaul at all. Less is
The only drawback is that you need to unscrew the crown
for manual winding almost every day, little hints is to apply a
slight pushing pressure against the crown screw it a bit anti-
clockwise direction such that the screw thread inside the
screw and the slot engages, then you rotate normally
clockwise to tighten up.

Need not to apply too much force for screw lock-up. Only if

you are preparing to swim with it you need to tighten it.  As it

would be easy to get worn off on the slot and the screw

thread if over tightened it, Don’t forget that you would screw

and unscrew 14,600 times if you use it for 20 years every

day. It should not fail if you follow the above little hints!

Depending on condition of the watch starting from
HKD$4,000 to HKD$10,500 for an excellent condition one.
Price is just pure reference only, as if you can find a special
dial, the shop keeper will ask you more.

Technical Specification:
Sizes Diameter 34 mm
Lug width 19 mm
Clasp width 15 mm
Thickness   12 mm (excluding cyclops)

This Oysterdate has a manual wind movement caliber 1225
developed in 1967 that it is based on caliber 1210 that dates
back to 1954. 21.600 beats per hour

HK Watch Fever
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

Hey There,
Found your blog on google. I'll be in HK for a visit. Do you know any reliable places that sell the oysterdate you posted about?

And besides the tips you've provided in your other entries and good tips on what to look for to check if the watch is 100% original and not a Franken-Lex or a Fake-lex?

Thanks again - and keep up the posts ;)

HK Snob said...

All it takes is a bit experinece to tell, there is a bit difficulties for me to tell you all about it.
There is also sometimes no one knows the movement inside unless you open and see right!?
But this kind of old watch is classified not the target of Fake-lex or Franken-Rolex.
The best way is to go to a reliablable shop, Like Kuen Kee, Vintage Concept, Lung Shing, Ken Watch that they NORMALLY Tell you everything about the watch they know, unless even they are alos being cheated...
HK Snob