Friday, November 29, 2013

Rolex Repair

Rolex Watch Repair
Friend of mine had a Rolex Cellini, one day he come to me giving me his Rolex watch and a broken Crown pin: the crown is 100 detached (broken ) from the Pin. He asked me where he should go with it for Repair.
He told me that he would not have time to bring it to Rolex Service Centre and he asked me for advice.
He is a service engineer traveling to Malaysia and Taiwan and does not allow him to have the leisure to go to Rolex Centre for the repair. As some of us may face the same problem.

I told him if he brings to Rolex Service centre, he would be possible wait for 3 weeks and they will replace him a new crown-pin assembly, price is about HKD$3,000.
Another option is go to one watch man and I ask him to leave the watch to him and wait for a one weeks.
Now he came back to me and saying “ Thank you!” and the old watch smith fix the crown onto the pin!? Did you really told he fixed it this way!? He said yes, I was puzzled and worried as he might be charging a lot as no one would possible “Repair” rather than “Replace” it! J
He told he the man asked him for HKD$300 and not more than that.
And more important is that he can go there after 6 O’clock! He is a happy man now… as he watch is back to life

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Anonymous said...

where can i repair my rolex watch in HK please?

please reply here or email me at

thank you so much.

HK Snob said...

See my reply to your mail

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