Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rolex's New Watches 2013.

I modified the cut out pictures of Rolex Catalogue HK Verison June 2013

Rolex has its watch glamour over the years , they have created a lot of great beautiful dials and various combination of designs on Day Date since 1956, applying various kind of precious metal to cast  the sturdy Oyster case that houses the reliable and accurate mechanical Chronometer movement. In 2013, that Rolex has some new elements in making some of these eye-catching watches.

Platinum Daytona with ice blue dial and brown bezel, Day Date with 6 colour choice for those who have been blaming they are too young to put a Day Date on.

The Blue Bezel GMT Master that people is the long waiting list for one, the platinum Yachtmaster, and not forgetting those demanding women who need something matching with them with flamboyant colour dial decorations…

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