Friday, November 8, 2013

Is There A Free Luch!?

  Sweet and Sour Pork with Japanese Rice, Corn Soup, a Glass of house Red Wine, slices of bread with Denish Butter... HKD$78.00 (USD$9.00)! Good Deal!

Is there a Free Lunch?

Famous Dentist
There is a dentist who was known to me he changed all the front teeth of Anita Mui back with all artificial teeth in 1986.
And whenever you go into his clinic at Yan Ping Road, he would like to ask you where did you park your car? Did you come by MTR? Did you come on foot?... What is your job? Who introduce you to him? Actually he is doing customer profiling!

And if he could identify you profession, well, say, if you drive a Mercedes 500SEL coming, he would ask for a HKD$4,000 for a tooth repair whereas the same work for me that took MTR to go would be just $500!

Big Discount for Pre-owned
People told me that there is big discount about watch in one shop than others. Well, I can ask why there is big difference in price for a watch like Rolex of the same condition and same model?

The main different is their way of doing business, some of the shop is running by the owner himself, who knows watch and who has a passion of watch and he speaks well in many languages. So whatever you receive is a courtesy customer handling and if you do not buy he won’t mad with you as he knows watches. Today you don’t buy, probably you will come tomorrow.
That is Chinese saying. Using a long line for Fishing, “放長線釣大魚

Also he is doing customer profiling to understand how many watches you have and to probe if you would come for second purchase. So he may offer your bigger discount… whereas if you don't know much about watch or you just want to buy a Rolex using for the next 15 years, then he probably would not give you too much discount…  So next time, this is your chance to do sales to the shop owner and ask for more discount… this is Counter Sales “反銷法”!

Rent in HK goes crazy as we are working to pay for Mr. Lee, Mr. Kwok as their devil hands cover 30% of the HK rest estate, if they see your business is good they will raise the rent until your profit drops to nearly zero…they won't kill you immediately but they will strangle you to half-death!
One Wanton Shop at Wanchai sells the first 5,000 wanton just enough to pay for the rent that day.
One Mong Kok street shop selling meat Ball has to sell 83,000 Fish Balls a day just enough to pay the rent.
Most of the Watch shop in HK has to pay very high rent, I believe some of the watch shop at Mong kok has a rent of HKD$350,000  a month. I am not talking about Rolex AD, just small shop with 200 square feet selling pre-owned Rolex and AP.

And what they can earn the amount of money? Big portion will be coming from your watch purchase money.

I could sometimes seeing used watch is selling the same price as the watch in Rolex AD., well, because they expect you to ask for discount. I had witness that a watch listed with price of HKD$180,000  could finally done deal at HKD$120,000 well, see how high the mark up is!!

If you do not ask for discount, they would not mind saying one more time  ”Thank you!” to you,
Next time, try say “Can you give me a Better price, this will be my 88th watch if you offer me some discount!”
If you say’ Please give me some more discount, as this is my first Rolex!’  The chance is lower for better discount!

No price tag
Many of the pre-owned watch shop in TST area has no price tag, well, if you do not care about the price, this is the right place for you. As they are the dentist I mentioned. They don’t have a fixed price but they do have a very high price.

Buy a new Rolex at Rolex AD
It is always safe to buy a new one at Rolex AD if you do not know the watch, the shop nor the shop owner in case for an Pre-owned Rolex.

There is many people selling Frankenwatch and some of them can pass all scrutinization of watch expert.
Tyr to go with a local guy as always it is safer to buy with a local, it means he can come back tomorrow if the watch has a problem.

BMW Repair Centre, taken By HTC One XL

Watch Repair
When I saw this picture, BWM Spare part car,  it says, “Inside matters, BWM Original parts”
It reminds me watch repair must go to original watch service centre as it is always better and cheaper at the end of the day. Unless someone who you know outside and he is known to be the best in skill, but somehow he has to go to find the original part. Parts that matters!

Is there a Free Lunch?
Everything is marketing, yes, we can have cheaper lunch, but don't dream about free lunch!
As the pimp says, always choice the expensive one, there is not cheap good stuff.., they comes with AIDS!

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