Monday, November 25, 2013

Rolex Day Date Dial, fasinative colour, Red, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange...etc

Modified from the courtesy Photographs at Rlx-dd wordpress

Rolex Day Date Ref 1803
That is a way we had mentioned that there is fun to collect Ref 1803 as that was the so far a joyful watch for everyone who had experienced 1967 Hong Kong Riot, HKCR Lam Bun was burnt to death live by Kerosene in his Volkswagen Beetle.

There are many “home-made Pineapples” (bombs) along Prince Edward Road. You could a flat of 600 square feet with a Rolex Day Date. 1973 Financial crisis Hang Seng index dropped to 173 points and many people suicided, 1981 that the prime rate for mortgage is 20%. 1997 Asian Economy melt down…Real Estate shot up to sky high 30,000 point.

Sales personnel ate Shark fin stewed with Rice at lunch. But all it goes up must come down, by end of the year, many more people get Bankruptcy…

Only one thing is Rolex Watches , always being criticized is BEST, especially Rolex Day Date, Ref 1803. As it carried as many as 43 colour dial, and some are with diamond some are having diamond on bezel, more collectible is those made of Platinum and White gold, we had tried to put as many as 43 colour and design variation and combination of dial.

A few friends of mine in HK would have been saving a lot of them, one of them already got about 15 pcs and still have a lot of to go. I hope one day he can save up all Ref 1803 Colour dial.

I think there should be more like using some gem, wood fossil to make the dial. There should have more than 43 colour combination.… How comes I could not see "Yellow"?
Let’s find out more!

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