Monday, November 11, 2013

Torture your Rolex Watch!? You think you would break her heart? No Way!

Torture your Rolex!?
When I was in Primary 6, I bought a Rado, one way I put it in a glass of water, and put it into a refrigerator, after I took out the whole block of Ice, I still can see the watch was moving inside the Ice!
That was not enough, next day, I put the watch into the glass and I poured in boiling watch… The watch runs. And I think That was just it ran for a whilst as the crown does not have screw lock and the o-ring may likely work for that particular moment and It was not long later the watch start to slow down….
Well, there are a of mal-practice to abuse the watch…someone put the Submariner Ref 16610 into a dish washing machine and wash with 200 deg. hot water, and it was very cleaned and it was running fine afterwards.
Someone put the Submariner into a glass of watch and put in the top icy chamber of the fridge and it was changed into a cube of ice… it works normally like my Rado.
So we can say Rolex was very tough no matter icy cool water, 200 degrees hot water, it won’t hurt it?
So what is the weakest point of a Rolex….?

The Sapphire…. As it is synthetic sapphire, which has a hardness second close to diamond, by right, you cannot scratch it by using a stainless screw driver of NT cutter. But there is nothing indestructible…
If something is soft is not easily to be broken, but when something is very hard it would be very easy to be broken…

There are many cases that you $7,000 Rolex Submariner drop on to the concrete floor with the crystal facing downward, it would likely Broken…

The chance is 1 to 20 deepening the way you drop it, and depending the height you drop it and more critical how the crystal is facing downward flat or not…

My friend Conrad Lau who sold Rolex in Temple Street back in 1988, he worn a Boy Size solid gold Date Just who went into the MTR and he knocked his Rolex with the crystal facing the Stainless steel rail of the staircase. With sound of “ POPP!” he Crystal was smashed , and the dial was having damages wit few dents… he sent to Rolex Service center and Rolex replaced the Crystal and the dial free for him!!

So next time, do not think your Rolex is indestructible, the sapphire would break very easily in the right angle at the right force. That was one of the other factor people like the Plastic Crystal on a Ref 1803 Rolex Day Date as it never broken like Sapphire, it  would be get scratched much easier..
So take care your Rolex!  It is fragile sometime!
When the crysal was broken, your have to pull out the crown to stop the watch or the pointers and the dial will be damaged!
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