Saturday, November 30, 2013

Watch Design

Experience, Innovation and the capability to appreciate fine art is some of the essence in creation of some beautiful watch design.
Friends of mine has 30 years experience in designing Semiconductor bonding equipment, when there is some new idea coming from his subordinate, he might not consider it at all as he thinks his experience tells him that is not good enough, his experience has set him a boundary on what the right design should look like, this is what we call experience kills all innovations.
There is no new design as all the old design might be best already, look at the rain weeper of your car. Almost 100% of the cars are using the same design, is that bore!? Can you imagine using some new concept? Mercedes 190E had been using a single weeper that could extend the length of the weep to catch more area at two corners of the glass. That was a superb design.
Yes, people keeps repeating mistake each time every year to accumulate the bigger mistake for 30 years., as they never have new design, why a watch must be round for example as it is more easier to be water proof than a rectangular one. Is there a Square watch that can be water proof under 12,000 feet at Pacific Ocean?
What make the design standout! Yes, like Audemars Piguet that put the Screw Outside the case, followed by Cartier screw on strap on the Sandoz.
What makes a watch to be beautiful, some of the simple Danish, Finis design are usually simple and sleek, Gorg Jensen watch for an example is simple  and elegant if you like it.
Picasso’s Kiki (GZ008) kicked off the story of Swatch and Art with a 140-piece edition, each with different colours. The graphically sophisticated design fits colours together like an unfinished screen print. It is one of the most expensive Swatch ever.
To me, sturdy function, accurate timing, durable operation and low cost maintenance is one of the way to tell this is a good design….
Imagine you watch had to  send to factory for oiling every year, you watch needs to be re-adjust the mainspring every two years, Do you still like this watch even though it is very beautiful? 
HK Snob

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