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JEANRICHARD, as Official Timekeeper of the Natixis Rugby Cup, welcomes Racing Metro 92 to Hong Kong

JEANRICHARD, as Official Timekeeper of the Natixis Rugby Cup, welcomes Racing Metro 92 to Hong Kong
and showcases the Limited Edition Terrascope dedicated to the French rugby club.

Since September 2013, JEANRICHARD is proud to team up with the French rugby Club Racing Metro 92, a partnership driven by the same Philosophy of Life, one of passion, challenge and team spirit.

To support the outstanding rugby team but more generally the values shared with rugby’s world, the Swiss watchmaking Brand JEANRICHARD is honored to be the Official Timekeeper of the game opposing rugby giants Racing Metro 92 and Stade Toulousain, at the occasion of the Natixis Rugby Cup Hong Kong 2013. This exhibition game enters as the first professional French league rugby match ever held in Asia.

[November 28, 2013 – Hong Kong] This rugby cup will cap off a weeklong festival of French rugby with ‘egalite and fraternite for all” with a full calendar of community and charity activities planned throughout the lead-up to kick-off.

On November 7, the exclusive and limited edition of JEANRICHARD Terrascope, dedicated to its partnership with Racing Metro 92, is to be showcased and auctioned off in support of the charity “Room to Read” at the gala dinner on the evening. Featured with the famous Racing Metro 92 crest at 6 o’clock, showing the sky-blue-and-white stripes of the players’ shirts and sky blue overstitching echoing the crest, the iconic piece is set to appeal to all fans of the Paris club.

On November 9, the Racing Metro 92 will play against the legendary French clubs Stade Toulousain “Toulouse” for the first French league exhibition match ever held in Hong Kong at the Aberdeen Stadium. The 8,000 seat stadium will make for a unique ability to get up and close with the teams and contribute to what we are sure will be a fun and noisy atmosphere, replicating that of a French league match.

Bruno Grande, JEANRICHARD COO commented on the Racing Metro 92 tour in Hong Kong: “JEANRICHARD is proud to be part of this global adventure with the Racing Metro 92, to be part of a pioneering project and to promote all over the world the values we share with rugby: Passion to explore and challenge ourselves, ready for all refreshing discoveries and live it to the fullest.”

歡迎球隊Racing Metro 92蒞臨香江
Natixis欖球盃 香港2013官方時計JEANRICHARD

20139月起,瑞士製錶品牌JEANRICHARD與法國欖球會Racing Metro 92 展開合作關係,此關係源自兩者相同的生活哲學、熱情、愛好挑戰及團結精神。
為表示對欖球理念及球會的支持,JEANRICHARD更榮邀擔任Natixis 欖球盃 香港2013的官方時計,為欖球界巨頭Racing Metro 92 Stade Toulousain的球賽提供精準的時間。此亦是首個由兩支法國職業聯賽球隊對壘的亞洲表演賽。
(20131128香港) 隨着欖球盃的開幕,一系列的欖球社區活動和慈善活動亦於比賽週期間登場,為賽事添上氣氛和推廣欖球運動。

117 日,JEANRICHARD首度於香港展示與Racing Metro 92合作的特別限量版腕錶,並捐出予慈善團體Room to Read 在比賽週星期四的慈善晚宴上拍賣,為慈善出一分力。這枚特別版腕錶,在六時的位置載有Racing Metro 92以藍白條紋球衣作記的會徽,並與天藍色的缝綫相呼應。此別具意義的腕錶將吸引所有球會追隨者的目光。

119日,於香港仔運動場便上演Racing Metro 92與法國傳奇球會Stade Toulousain Toulouse 首度於香港舉行的法國頂級欖球表演賽。而供有8,000個座位的球場可讓觀眾與球隊有更近距離接觸的機會,相信屆時澎湃現場氣氛絕不比法國現場遜色。
JEANRICHARD營運總監Bruno Grande對於Racing Metro 92來港表示雀躍:「JEANRICHARD很榮幸能夠與Racing Metro 92一起探索天地,成為這運動宣揚先驅的一部份,更與世界各地人士分享我們與欖球的共同理念:對探索的熱情、挑戰自我的追求、積極迎接新發現並活出生命的極緻。」
與此同時,Racing Metro 92的主席Jacky Lorenzetti亦表示認同:「在這價值上,欖球與JEANRICHARD的配戴者一脈相承:創出偉大成就的平凡人,挑戰個人極限的探索者,他們已預備好去征服世界,把生命的光芒盡情流露。」

尺寸:     44毫米
厚度:     12.6 毫米

JR60 機芯

機芯尺寸:11 ½法分

於六時位置備有Racing Metro 92浮凸標誌


List Price HKD$53,800
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