Saturday, November 23, 2013

On one side, people is suffering loss of home and family members, on the other side, some people is spending thousands dollars for Pacquiao Vs Rios Fight at Macao

A man in dispair looks at the wreckage of destroyed houses in Tacloban on November 10,  

In one side, People is suffering loss of home and family members at Tacloban, on another side some people are spending Thousands of dollars for Pacquiao Vs Rios fight at Macao.

When I returned from Philippines Yesterday night, I had a chance to meet two beautiful Philipinas who GM of a company and one is a Lawyer, she carried an Orange Prada and wearing a Rolex 26mm Date Just Pink gold two tone with diamond dial and the other sitting window seat was having a Louis Vuitton bag.

She saw me making mosaic assembly Rolex watch pictures on my NB, she glanced my Rolex Pictures and we started to chat with me, she asked me how to set the hour and date of her Rolex!! I was a bit shock that she did not know how to set the watch, the date was “9” instead of “22”, the time was 2 O'clock in the afternoon.
You may think I am BS!
No! I taught her how to unscrew the crown, set the time and date properly and how to start the watch with 10-15 windings before locking up the crown for water tight.

She is coming HK yesterday and will move to Macao to watch the fight between Pacquiao and Rios. They made a last minute booking and paying Peso 36,000 for the PAL ticket and someone has sponsored them the boxing ticket.
She told me that that there were a few politicians chatting in the Business Class section. She was asking me to help for buying her another 31mm Lady Date just with silver dial two tone yellow gold…

On the other side I had visited Cebu customer on Thursday 20 Nov., I was bit worried that the trip was having hiccups, and it was peacefully just besides too many people flying from Manila to Cebu, I was upgraded to business class.

In Tacloban, No building in this coastal city of 200,000 residents appears to have escaped damage from Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yohanla) on 8 Nov,  Most roads were impassable; all communications except for satellite phones were down; medical supplies, food and water were scarce; and there were reports of looting.

The million people who lived along the coast, many of them in rough-built shacks, may have been worst affected by what some said was a 5-foot storm surge that spread through the city of Tacloban at the height of the storm and with devastating speed.

This typhoon had taken away my two Service engineers home!  It would be saying that they are not the worse cases as their family members are all safe!

It seems that there is such a group of Rich people going to spend hefty of money for a Boxing Game in Macao whereas thousands of people are having no fresh watch, food or shelter…

That is a world of extreme. Especially in such a country like Philippines. I think the President and the people of Philippines should do something to change this once was the Richest Country in Asia.

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