Friday, November 8, 2013

Price of Rolex in Hong Kong is average 12% cheaper than that in Philippines!

These are Branded Watch Shops in Resort World, Manila.
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8 Nov 2013

Rolex Price in Rolex AD, Manila
I had a call from one of the friends who did not want to buy Rolex in HK as she said she can get less 20% discount in Philippines. But of course she did not mention which Rolex AD.
Recently a British Expat who asked me where to Buy Daytona White Dial, and I told him it is hard to get one in HK unless you pay deposit and wait. But there I could see Philippine Rolex AD has more chance to get one… Immediately the same day he Bought one Rolex Ref 116520 Daytona White Dial at Ayala Cebu. He did some Negotiation from list price of Peso $52,000 and done deal at Peso $500,000
In fact Today, I purposely went to another Rolex AD in Resort World Shopping arcade, near Manila  Airport.
This is what I get about price
Ref 116520 Daytona stainless steel Black dial Peso $556,500 after 5% discount Peso $530,000  that is  HKD$101,923
In Hong Kong, we can get this watch with HKD$95,000, that is further 7% cheaper.
Ref 116520 Daytona stainless steel White dial Peso after discount Peso $520,000
The British Expat could negotiate for Peso $500,000 that is HKD$96,154
In Hong Kong, we can get the same watch with HKD$87,500,  that is 10% cheaper.

Ref 116610LN Submariner Date Black dial Peso $395,000 less 10%  HKD$68,365 in Manila.
In Hong Kong, the list price is HKD$62,100, assume walk-in less 5% that is HKD$58,995, VIP Discount is HKD$57,632. That is 14%, 16% cheaper respectively for Walk-in and VIP discount.
Ref 116610LV Submariner Date Green Bezel green Dial Peso $420,500  no Discount.  HKD$80,865 in Manila
In Hong Kong, the list price is HKD$66,100, no walk-in and VIP Discount, which is 19% cheaper in HK.
GMT Master II
Ref 116710BLNR GMT Master II Blue bezel Peso $ 415,000 less 5%   HKD$75,817
In Hong Kong, the same watch is selling now at HKD$65,300  no discount, so that is 14% cheaper.

Sooner like December, I expect I can get some discount, so that would be 19% cheaper if we buy in Hong Kong.

The variety of Choice
Honesty, 80% of the watch available is Date Just!
More Stain less steel than gold, more DJ II than Standard DJ 36mm, mainly because Philippine people is more stocky and have rounder wrist.  This is due to the food they eat and their genes.
Sport Model
I see One DeepSea, One Submariner Date and Submariner no Date in the shop, cannot find a GMT  master II stainless steel at all.
Day Date
Forget it, only a few pieces, mainly plain one, colour is boring grey and champagne!. No white Gold, no Platinum, I cannot see one…
Lady Date Just
The common 26 mm plain one a few with Diamond Dial, I cannot see many choice for colour…

A. Rolex Watch price is still cheaper if you buy in Hong Kong than Philippines with a difference of 7% to 19% depending on models.
B. There is more change you can get a Rolex Daytona White Dial or even Black if you buy in Philippines but you have to pay 10%.
C. Choice for model, type, dial colour, very limited choice!

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