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Is the wine older the better? How about your Rolex?

Watch Fever's Wine labels 1940-2002

Chateau Margaux 1900, estimated HKD$150,000

Rolex DD OysterQuartz Ref 19019 and 19018 (HKD$90,000-105,000)

Rolex White Gold Day Date with Rare Oak Dial  HKD$85,000

 Double Red Submariner HKD$250,000

Rolex Ref 18049 White Gold and Ref 19018 Yellow Gold OysterQuartz
HKD$130,000 and HKD$75,000

Is the wine Older the better? How about your Rolex?

Some of the best wine could be stored up for 100 years, still too YOUNG to be drunken. Like Chateau Margraux 1900, we speculate that it will be best to be consumed by 2020, that is 120 years after bottled!

We have tasted some of the good wine in the century, and yet up to this moment Chateau Laffite 1982 is yet to be opened for best taste, at best it is suggested to be opened by 2015-2020.  Chateau Mouton 2000, which is so heavy like honey, speculate to be stored up to 2020 for drinking.

The best wine I have tasted is 1966 Chateau Margaux, 1986 Chateau Laffite, 1992, 1996 Petrus.

It does not mean older is better, it depends on the year, soil, weather, and the winery who could possibly manage well for the wine.

Well, this is some of the 600 bottles I opened since 2006 up to now. They are just like Rolex 1945 Bubble back Oyster (1945 Chateau Mouton Rp100 points; estimated HKD$120,000), 1965 Daytona Paul Simon (1959 Chateau Latour Rp100 points; Estimated HKD$80,000), 1965 Submariner Comex (1982 Chateau Laffite Rp100, estimated HKD$48,000), 1977 Ref 19019 OysterQuartz Oak Dial White Gold (1989 Petrvs Rp 98 points, estimated HKD$58,000)…

Next time when you open a bottle of Top Five Red wine with Rp98 or higher, don’t forget to invite some of your best friend to taste it.

And as a conclusion, an older wine does not indicate it is better, but for a Rolex, an older is always better in value.

How to compare the Top Five wine and the top Five Rolex Model!?

These are the top five wine from Bordeaux
Chateau Lafifte
Chateau Latour
Chateau Margraux
Chateau Mouton
Chateau Haut Brion

Rolex Daytona is just Like Chateau Latour - as it is Strong and Powerful, full body like Pamela, never disappoint you, adventurous life style!

Rolex Day Date is just like Chateau Lafifte - as it is well balanced, serve all purposes; a beginer, a wine expert, Even Robert Parker, a gentleman of Wine, like a sweet lady that could spend with you in a hotel room 5 days never come out of the door!

This is likely the Top one of the Five. My Favourite wine if I had that money!

Rolex Submariner is just like Chateau Mouton - As it is innovative, every year has a new artistic design label like your diving into another deep sea in the islands of the Philippines.

Rolex Date Just is just like Chateau Margaux- It is mild to moderate strong wine but with full fragance, I had opened that 1966 bottle, the guests of the next table in Prince Restaurant came to me asking what wine is this!?

Rolex GMT master is just like Chateau Haut Brion- Strong and full or characters, low profile, but it is one of the top Five!

Those were the days as I am now a poor snob, I still drink a lot, but likely wine from friends, the next table, or the restaurant's House Wine!!

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