Saturday, November 2, 2013

Rolex DateJust with the Rarest Dial of Lapis Azuli Dial, with Bubble Diamond and the Most LUCKY model No. 16233...more...

What can you buy with HKD$60,000 for A Rolex?
Probably an Explorer II, a Submariner, a Stainless steel Date Just, of a Milgauss Green Glass!

Can you buy a Two Tone Rolex? I'm sorry, you have to pay a bit more.

you buy a Lapis Azuli dial with diamond? Well, I do not think so!
Nowaday, a Date Just 36mm men Two tone with 10 diamond on MOP Ref 116234 list price is $92,200.

Well, this is what, NOS Rolex Ref 16233 men 36mm Date Just Two Tone Yellow gold and steel, with Lapis Blue diamond, Jubilee Strap, How much!? HKD$72,950 list price.... before the "Discount!"

This is a discontinued item still using the old price. There was two sold alreay in this year and Still have three left...

People know Lapis blue know what they are and if you think this is not the most value for money Rolex we can buy today, tell me what else would be!

Being a Chinese who does not like this Ref 16233!?? nice model number!  The Colour of the Lapis Blue dial is unique. No wonder Dala Lama like Lapis Blue Dial Rolex!

Check when stock still last in one of the Rolex AD....!

HK Snob
Sham Shui Po Kong Tsan
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James said...

Hi this is a very informative site I love it. Im planning to goto HK in December could you please kindly advise what the 116618, 18k gold submariner is going for currently in HK? Also where could I get the best discount near central? Thanks again

HK Snob said...

Hi james
Ref 116618LB is HKD$242,500
less 10%
HK Snob