Friday, November 15, 2013

There is something common between Car and Watch.

Why do most of the men who are interested to cars are also enamored of Watches!?

Men are borne to be mechanically minded, women are borne to be sentimentally minded.

When we were young, we used to play Lego, tin toy cars, aircraft model; Girls would play with Barbie, dolls and make up etc. (not Making Love!)

I used to play doctor and nurse with a neighboring little chic living next to my house. She came to play with me as a nurse and I as the doctor.  Since then, I had grown to appreciate the mystique of the woman’s curves, and I was mature only enough to control myself not to strip her off her clothes… I was only eight.

It would be natural process for a guy to get interested in cars as man tends to “Control Something,”
Men like to drive cars, fly aircrafts, steer racing boats, stride horses, and women…  We push the Lambor to the limit…. Reaching from rest to 100km in 2.4 second; we drive a promiscuous women to wantonly bonk their pelvis like the V-12 engine. The driver was already overwhelmed by the utmost happiness to sky high, and the more she cries, the more he wants to put more gas until the engine CPU Cut off the fuel…and the car stops!!

Women tend to kill men by her natural tool god created for her; Body!

She tends to force men to sign the second most important and horrific document on Earth: “Marriage Certificate” yes, we know that most horrible part is not marriage itself, but the Divorce… One day he will sign number one most important and horrible document human call “Certificate of Divorce”

That would in just one day to change yourselves totally from Wearing a Platinum Daytona yesterday to Today’s G-Shock…

When we get old, we used to get richer and have more money, we used get interested in watches.

Another thing is the mechanical intricacies of watches and cars.  In car, the control system is getting more and more sophisticated and is 98% computerized but there is still a great level of mechanical engineering involved as well, especially on racing cars. That is one of the reason those Horses and Bull from Italian is one of the best dream toy for a rich man.

Back to watch, the engineering level on watches is also amazing, we can see some of the movement we see today in the market: Twin Turbillon, JLC’s Spherical Turbillon, RD’s Excalibur Quatuor (4 Turbillons) which was not possible some 25 years ago… Thank you to the CNC (Computer numerical Control ) machine centre has move the whole industry to a new era.
So in next time, when you drive an Italian Stallion, you got to have a Rolex, or it seems it does not match…

Did Rolex ever produce a Green Daytona?

HK Snob
Tsim Sha Tsui Snob


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