Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hong Kong Is Still One Of The Most Exciting Places For Shopping, Eating And Perhaps Purchase Of Luxury Goods

  The Above pictures were taken by YKL, using Canon 5D, All Rights Reserved by YKL.

Hong Kong is still one of the most exciting places for Shopping, Eating and Sight Seeing in Asia.

Well, this is true that many people do like the food in Hong Kong, as we have almost every kinds of food in the world, from 10 dollars for 5 Fish balls to HKD$30,000 an dry abalone, from a HKD$50 bottle Table wine to a HKD$100,000 a bottle of Laffit.  From HKD$20 watches in Sham Shui Po Ap Liu Street to HKD$8,500,000 a watch from Roger Dubuis…

Well, as I always mention, the process of looking for the things you like is more pleasurable than you have bought it home sometimes…

Somewhat like when you are interested in your supermodel girl friend, there is a lot of imagination about her… however when you had her… well, that would be another story, you may want to escape from her ASAP!

Come for a tour in Hong Kong's country park, try the best HK milk tea at Nam Heung Yuen, go to the Sham Shui Po for a brisk walk, or Cat Street catching up some of the lost 60’s memory stuff. Jump into the ferry shuttling between Hong Kong island and Cheung Chou, try hiding yourselves with your beloved one in a small hotel at Silvermine bay for whole Sunday, Switching off the Note Book computer and handset!

Sweep your black diamond card for a platinum Patek Philippe, or Buy a bottle of Chateau Margraux 1900 and share with some of the best girl who knows Red Wine… if your life style is not like Mr. Lee Shiu Kee who could donate a piece of Land valued HKD$ 10,000,000 to build shelter for the sensor citizens.

How would like you to handle your money!? Or Pass it to your son or daughter who couldn’t be happier  to buy a Ferrari whilst his parent had never worn a better watch for the whole life!?
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