Monday, November 11, 2013

Watch Wrestling

Watch Wrestling
I had bought a Rado Seahorse Blue dial manual winding watch, at that time it was selling at HKD$120. That was about 1975.   
I can not figure out who had invented this game. We used to make Watch Wrestling with classmates, how!?
We put the watch crown on the other crown and see which watch would stop first… of course the watch should have a second hand.
That was a common game we used to play when I was a primary 6 student.  Now I understand that a watch with heavier crown and more powerful power chain would win.

And usually The Rado is very good in winning other Citizen and or Seiko, of course that kind of game apply to non-screw lock type crown, if you use  Rolex Submariner it would never stop as it is screw locked.

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