Saturday, December 14, 2013

Your Vintage Rolex will be the next target of collection by Chinese

China Watch Collector Will Look for some of the best Vintage Rolex DD after 5 years

When we collected LP (12” Vinyl) in Hong Kong some 10 years ago, a typical Teresa Tang Japanese edition was selling from Shop to me at an average HKD$500-800.

Now we cannot buy at all, even you can find it, the price is in the range of HKD$1,800-4,000. Simply because there is huge demand from the rich Chinese who is able to appreciate those beautiful voices of Teresa and Trasi Chin.  We know the HK record shops, we can always seeing China buyer (dealer) who come to buy all those record with Cash.

When more middle class people who could really appreciate the best of Rolex, the Day Date, we could speculate that after a few years, there will be more people, collector, dealer who could possible come to buy the best of Rolex in HK, Singapore and USA.

Well, for those super rich people, they are looking those highest price watch through Auction. The volume purchase will be those Middle Class peoples as this is the fun for searching watches, not much after you buy it. Like in 1995-2000, Japanese Tourists used to come HK to find those Vintage Rolex.

China buys all stuff in the past 5 years, HK’s home, Rolex, Luxury goods like bag, shoes, gold.  The level of Chinese in appreciate good stuff will escalate with time, I believe more and more educated middle class will come to search for Good legendary Watches that include Rolex Day Date. Let’s prepare and keep you watch safe… ready to witness your watch price go appreciation!
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