Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lee Kar Shing’s watches; Patek Philippe, Seiko, Citizen and Casio

After starting with a loan from his family in the early 1950s, Li’s first business venture was a factory making cheap combs.

He upgraded to the hugely profitable plastic flowers business. He used to have a Patek Philippe when he was changed himself from rags-to-riches in 80’s. A few years whilst he was able to gain his fortune ten folds, he changed his watch to a Seiko, a plain stainless steel watch he has been wearing for over 25 years… recently reporter has seen his new watch is a black plastic Casio.

Everyone knows he spends money in a very calculative way, once he was interviewed that he dropped on dollar into a sewage, he took out one hundred dollar to his staff as a rewards for him to find one that one dollars, Lee’s philosophy was: he cannot afford this one dollar as if he did not find it this one dollar will be lost in the world forever…

So this is one likely the richest man in Asia has a very different way to choose his watch; when he get richer, his watch is getting cheaper… I think we know why he changed Patek Philippe to Seiko as he might not want to hear people's comment about the Richest man and the most renowned watch are linked up together. As in HK the poor peoples start to hate the richer people! and The Rich people dislike the poor people, Like I go out into the street, people gives me dirty eyes as i wear cheap clothes, and a low taste Watch, worst is I go to work by MTR, whereas friend of mine driving a decent X5!

When people get richer, there is a tendency for low profile in personal belonging. Same for Lee Kar Shing's car, a Camry…however his house is big, expensive and strong like an invincible fortress.

As once in 1990s he wore a $5400 timepiece from Citizen Watch Co. and still is not a brand conscious man. It seems he is the true follower of the saying “simplicity is the best policy”.

No one knows in details why he changed his watch from Seiko to Casio, may be from what I guess, he is going to go for some changes from White to Black for superstitions. Or simple his Seiko was damaged and could not be repaired, he just picked up the watch from a street shop.

I am an admirer of Mr. Lee as he is not well educated and he could show that the best in class does not ensure you could be sucessful in the soscity. Preparation, hard working plus some luck would possibly help you to get some good fortune

Well, someone may say "richman isn't necessarily the sucessfully man! 

But I am sure a poor snob like I is definitely a loser!

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