Thursday, December 12, 2013

Is this a Fake Rolex Ref 16610LV!?

Is this a Real Rolex!?
Today Friend of mine brought me a Picture and said how much the watch is!?

I told me it is about HKD$400 at most. He said no… this is a Rolex, I told me “No. this is a fake one!”

He said how could I tell?
The one on the left is Ref16610LV Submariner,  discontinued item from Rolex, Selling in Cebu at Peso 1,500 (HKD$250)

The one in the Right is Ref 116610LV current production selling in HK, HKD$66,100. There is Rolex and S/N number marked on the inner bezel.

Though they are of different model, but the outlook and dimension is same for the authentic one.

These are the key points we can tell about them.

A.  The While bezel Indicator should be flat, the fake one is dome shape, The White Dot should be sitting at Midst of the triangle for the real one.

B.  The Real one is 2.5X Cyclops Magnification, the fake one is just about 1.5X. So the Date looks smaller on the fake one.

C.  The Silkscreen printing of the words is too crowded for the fake one, the one on the right is clear and Sharp!

D. The Rolex Logo is laser marked under the sapphire crystal for the real one, and it should not too easy to be seen you have to look carefully under a magnifying glass. And that Logo should be sitting right at 6’ O’clock position.

The fake one appears to be printed as it looks BLACK, and it too big , shifts to the right of the 6 O’clock position.

More over the White hour Dot is bigger on the right Real  one. Overall speaking, the bezel on the right is perspective, we can feel it, the fake one is a printed on bezel.

This is the Rolex Quality that you could by with HKD$66,100!  No Compromise!
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