Saturday, December 14, 2013

The World's Most value for Money Gold Watches with Auto chronometer Movement

These are the watches we treasure, we value, we are proud of…
Rolex produced the best watch between year 1956 to 1985.

These are some of them, all made by precious gold. Automatic, Water proof, Chronometer, 5-position adjusted for Chronometer standard.

From left to Right refering to the top Picture.
Ref 6605 Date just, big size, 14KT (rare), Plastic Crystal Butterfly rotor 1954.

Ref 1803 18 KT Yellow Gold Day Date Plastic Crystal 1957

Ref1803 18 KT Yellow Gold Day Date Plastic Crystal 1965

Ref 1803 18KT White Gold Day Date in Black Dial Plastic Crystal 1973

Ref 1803 18KT Yellow Gold Day Date in Black Dial, Plastic Crystal 1978

Ref 18038 8KT Yellow gold Day Date in light matt champagne Dial, Sapphire Crystal 1982

Collection of Two Rolex DD Collectors.
These watches are having market value (price) of HKD$29,500- HKD$45,000.

I am always saying that these are the CHEAPEST good Watch in the World, before the next Chinese People focus on searching these Gems, we need to buy when price is still low. 
HK Snob


10+3 said...

I am always concern with buying watch with plastic cover, as the surface can be easily scratch. What is your view about that?

HK Snob said...

Hi 10+3
Yes, Sapphire is harder, but easily to be CRACK or CHIPPED.
But Plastic is warmer, not as cold as Saphhire. it is Softer so it is more easily to be scratches if you compare wiht Sapphire.
but when it is broken like real collison wiht something hard.
The Sapphire will usualy brack and jam into the dail casuing serious Damages on the Expensive Dial, but the Plastis is just craked without breakage.

Cost a new Sapphire from Rolex is HKD$1,700 estimated, but a Platic is HKD$300 max.

if you change at outside Shop, HKD$150. and the new Plastic is ver hard and very Transparent too.

In Short, Plastic is more durable and cheap

Sapphire is hard and Chip, expensive...

Anyway Ref 1803 is Plastic!!


HK Snob

Anonymous said...

I like this example a lot: Ref 1803 18KT White Gold Day Date in Black Dial Plastic Crystal 1973 Would you have good idea where I can get this same example in HK or would you plan to sell it?

HK Snob said...

You have got the taste, the White Gold one is the best of the bunch?

Are you from HK, is yes, we can refer you to the watch dealer who can find one for you.

The watch was sold at HKD$48,000

Now is is on the rising trend!!

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Yes HK Snob. I am from HK, you can sent me more info/ contact at my email Thanks and Merry Xmas

HK Snob said...

I will reply you by mail


HK Snob

HK Snob said...

I send you my Whatsapp and we can chat!


HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Thank you and I look forward to your email to Thanks