Saturday, December 21, 2013

Does a watch would indicate your taste, your personal and political Idealization!

Michael Tien wears a Rolex Date Just

Is James Tien's Watch Patek Philippe Nautilus?

These are Michael Tein Puk-Sun (1950) and James Tien Pei-Chun (1947) who is both actively a business man and as well members of two political parties in HK.
I have no comment on what they do to the benefit of People of HK but all I know they have different taste in Watch.
Michael used to wear Rolex Date Just stainless steel and his brother a Patek!

Side track
Note that they share the same Chinese Character “” for them but Elder James English name is “Pei” and younger Michael is “Puk”, during issue Birth certificate, the translation of Chinese Character had not established a standard. And like Family name , “Ip” sometimes, the translation is “Yip”.
Sally Yeh, 葉蒨文  sometimes written as Sally Yip or Yip Sin-Man, her family name is “Yeh” as she was from Taiwan. If you are born in Malaysia, they will be named as “Yap” wow, only one Family name will be split into so many different families of naming.. Should we unify them?

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