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China ‘s Emerging groups of Tu Hao (土豪) nouveau-riches

China ‘s Emerging groups of Tu Hao (土豪) nouveau-riches

Tu Hao
There is a new Chinese word created recently yet to be found in an English Dictionary but will be soon I believe!  It is “Tu Hao”!  Tu Hao or nouveau-riches who spends regardless of cost and consequence.

During the first launch of iPhone5S gold, people would have been waiting and eager to pay RMB25,900 or more to buy one gold colour and they described it as “Tu Hao Jin” (土豪金translation is nouveau-riche gold) Iphone5S  .

There is a Tu Hao bought a 13.3 carat Diamond on website with RMB 20M, this is really Tu Hao style, needless go to the shop to Scrutinize the diamond under x20 magnifying glass, who could believe something in internet that a trivial defect that could cause a drop of price from 20M to 10M for diamond! They just don’t care!

There is a Tu Hao who sends Cash of RMB 10M of uncut bank note as proposal deposit for marrying a beautiful girl!
Another Tu Hao casted a Cow weight 1 ton of solid 24K gold and mounted in his 80/floor office lobby as a Small Decorative statue. That is about 100M RMB!

Note Tu Hao's Plate Number....Five "9"!

Ma Linxiang, the deputy director of the village committee of Qingheying Village in Guangying County of Beijing, arranged a “Tu Hao Wedding” for his son.  He invited Yadan to perform for the wedding, he reserved the China National Convention Center to hold the ceremony. On the day of wedding, the bride and groom rode a Rolls-Royce followed by a BMW motorcade. , and he arranged 20M helicopter to pick up the bride.

So what is the SPECIFICATION to be classified as “Tu Hao” in China.
Age under 40
3 cars minimum: 2 B and 1 L or F: Bentley, Benz and Lamborghini, F is not Fiat of course…
Suit: Amani
Shoes: Causal low heel wearing no socks
Membership: High Class Golf Club
Hand Phone: Vertu with Diamond, Iphone5s is a gift for his friends or mistresses.
Watch: Turbillon, and watch with a lot of diamond that the watch cannot carry! Favourite Brands are  Frank Muller, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, Roger Dubuis. More Turbillons more Class, that is why someone has said, Double Turbillons or Quator Turbillons...

Frank Muller Tournillon with Diamond

Vacheron Constantin Tonneau Tourbillon Squelette

Roger Dubuis Boutique Shanghai

Roger Dubuis Excalibur Double Tourbillon Skeleton in Platinum, Tu Hao's Favourite, HKD$4,300,000

No wonder Why Roger Debuis has created the Excalibur Quatuor in "Silicon", (4 Tourbillons) Limited of 3 pieces and had been sold, HKD$8,500,000 before it is launched, I guess two of them go to the China Tu Hao! Roger Dubuis is one of the fastest growing Watch brand in China.

On April 22nd, 2013, a group of customers were squeezing their way to buy gold chains, which terrified the sales lady.

This is the life style of the new young nouveau-Riche in  China! Somewhat like the Arabians in 70’s, followed by the Russians and Indians who bought everything when they have spotted… Now it is the turn of these Chinese…

How about HK? Who can be classified as Hong Kong Tu Hao? In the eyes of China Tu Hao, probably 95% people of HK is classified as Kong Tsan港燦!
HK Kong Tsan
Watch Fever
Sham Shui Po Snob

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