Thursday, December 12, 2013

Everybody Said Hoo! Hoo!

Everybody said hoo! hoo!
Anita Mui was a HK Legend, she is a star, and who could be the next great singer after her death?
She left so many good music and songs to us to enjoy, to recall, laugh and to wipe.
She has a large eye carrying some sort of misery,  a prominent nose, having no body shape like Pamela, but she is always the sexist woman in my mind, Yes, she is my idol!
Today I picked up her signature CDs and listened, It was a new surprise. If you had this CD, try to understand every word she sings.
Life could not be happier as all it takes is how you look at it, I like its lyrics  especially” Everybody said Hoo! Hoo!
If you had this CD, listen the song No. 3… no words could describe what Anita sings….a perfect voice, light jazz music with the way she translate on what she was thinking. A thoughtful day to me I think.
Guess what Rolex She likes Most? Yes, it is Daytona!

The CD was a 1994 Johnny Chen Production.

I am a CD and Vinyl Collector beside a Watch Collector.
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