Sunday, December 8, 2013

Rolex 2014 Calendar

There are lot of reason that watch made in Switzerland could not be copied simply if you had the MC, the mini CNC machinery, the tools and even the technique they make watch. Simple no one could copy the tradition and passion of the Swiss!

Well, something like an Iphone5S or even 6P (6P means 6 Premium, HK Snob's idea) sooner could be made 100% in China as the iPhone does not have LIFE, but Watch and WINE has!

Even after the best winery master move the sands, soil even the  grape tree tranplanted from France into somewhere with similar climate places like Sheung Du, Yantai or Some place in Shang Dong, they just cannot reproduce the same wine they make in Pauillac Bordeaux.

This is two extracted pictures taken out from 2014 Rolex Calendar in HK; Look at the place they live, water they drink and air they breathe, only under that environment could possibly create the watch SWISS MADE that no one could COPY!

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HK Snob
Watch Fever 

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