Sunday, December 8, 2013

A night tour to Ap Liu Street

It was a good weather to have a tour to Ap Liu Street yesterday

 Lung Shing started to close at 1830 and we should make this the first stop, then Kuen Kee

 Ka Wo Watch Shop selling Dial, part and doing some service work on Rolex, But I don't know them!
 Fook Wood Watch Shop at Exit A of Sham Shui Po MTR, I know the owner Hui Shiu Cheung. Nice Talking guy.

 Ask for less 10% to Dennis of Audio Space!

 Tim Kee Record shops, one of my source of NOS LP, the owner still holding some of the rate copies.

 Tim Kee Record

 Various Version of Tsrai Chin CD

 The Toy Shop I know, good price and I am seeing them expanding very fast, they have two shops now

 Some of the Latest toys

 R/C Tanks of all types, metal wheel chain, can have real smokes at Exhaust pipe, can fire bullet control in your Remote Controller Real Fun. If you buy, go for the latest Wheel Design with metal screw which is more durable

This is latest Tank on top weight about 4 Kgs, heavily Amoured!!  Price about HKD$1,380 quote my name try to get less 10%!

Most of the time when I am free on Sunday, going to Sham Shui Po is one of my pleasure tour.
These are the list of shops I must go: Lung Shing Watch Company, Audio Space Shop, Hi Fi Shops, The LP shop and once in a while Visit Paul’s record treasure, Tim Kee Record ( Shop for Chinese Opera Music) 粤曲專賣店,  Fook Wood Watch shop near MTR Exit A.
As I am collector of watches, LP, Vacuum Tubes, Pen, and also I am amateur R/C toys like helicopter, tanks, Aircraft… this is the night tour to Ap Liu Street last night.
Well, most of the shop will close at 7:30, Lung Shing will close at 7:00 in fact they start to pack and close the shop at 6:45, so I always start visiting Lung Shing first then Kuen Kee. If had time that day, or will go visit other shops right the way. Since most of the shop owners know me and I chatted with them for most of the updates of the things there, LP, Watches, Pen, Tubes, Hi Fi and the remote toys.

Sham Shui Po Kong Tsan
Watch Fever

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