Friday, December 6, 2013

Hong Kong Kong Tsan (Country Pumpkins) 港燦

A Contrast of Social Status at Tsim Sha Tsui

There are more and more poor people in Hong Kong, what can we do about it!?

We call this the Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong, seems full of rich people, someone said that if there is a broken window falls at one building at Central, it would hit 10 Millionaires in the street. That was true as I fact more than 2 million people is classified as Millionaires, Millionaire is classified now the poor middle class in such a weird place HK!

Every the other day, there are long queue of this silver haired people waiting for the free Metro post at MTR,  as there are discount MacDonald Coupon enclosed with the newspaper. There are poor people who search for litter bin for the paper, tin cans that they can sell it for money to exchange for food.

Some of the people who could not afford to eat pork more than once a month, there is a Primary school P4 student that has not been tasted the hamburger in HK!

However, on the other hand, one of my executives earns HKD$8,000 a hour! Who could sit down for an 6 hours meeting without saying one word, and we learn NOTHING from the meeting, but he could get his salary enough to buy a Rolex Submariner Ref 114060.

The world is not fair and it would never be fair, the Gini Index in HK getting worst, more than 1.2 Million people is suffering as they are classified as poor people, Million people is so called Middle Class but in fact a bit better than the lowest class of people., Only the top 5 % earners could enjoy the best in Town with sacrifice of the rest 95% of the people…

The case will not be changed, as there is no hope about Hong Kong’s Future, you can see more people in migrating into country like Candida and Australia, New Zealand, or even Thailand.

More Middle Aged Lady with fairly good income is now considering marriage with the Richer Chinese people. 50% of HK Man is marrying with lady of Mainland Chinese simply they want to move Northwards. The professor in Universities of HK are those Chinese Speaking Mandarin, 4 out of 10 students of the HK Universities are coming from China. 3 out of 10 homes are purchased by Chinese…

Hong Kong People once called Chinese immigrant as “Ah Tsan” is now being called as “Kong Tsan“ by the Chinese mainlander.

Don't forget to speak Mandarin when you go to Rolex AD, as you will be served with priority, if you speak "Cantonese" you will be put aside waiting!  Same thing happens in Zurich Rolex AD, Cantonese or HK English is not welcome, you should speak "Mandarin" or you will not be given a Chance to see the Daytona Black Ref 116520! Not mentioning your right to buy it.

Poor Kong Tsan's favourite "Cocktail Bun!" Each HKD$3.0, It is Cheap but I classify it the most Delicious Cocktail Buns in Hong Kong, Available at Sum Sum Bakery at Exit of Kwai Hing MTR station.

That is one of the reasons why I called my self “Kong Tsan”  (Hong Kong Pumpkins!) and the City is dying as Joe Junior said!
Tsim Shat Tsui Kong Tsan
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