Friday, December 13, 2013

China seen as “Confident,’ “belligerent” and even “Arrogant” by recent Global Times newspaper's suyvey! :(

China seen as “Confident,’ “belligerent” and even “Arrogant” by recent Global Times newspaper
There is a negative images created by certain so call survey by the “ Global Times” on 10 Dec. who selected a few counties like United States, Russian, Japan, India, Vietnam, South Korea, South Africa Britain, Brazil and the Philippines.
That survey of 14,400 people in 14 countries, 30.3% of respondents called China “confident” in international affairs, with 29.4% describing it is as “belligerent” whilst “Complicated” was chosen by 28.1%..
People describe China with words such as “tough”, “arrogant” and “cooperative”, chosen by 25% of respondents.
China has long been embroiled in disputes with its neighbors, particularly Japan and the Philippines, over Diao Yu islands in the East and South China Sea. There had been numerous national map describing “Diao Yu”  island back to 1500.
Yesterday Chinese newspaper in Manila mentioned that the Japanese is doing tricks to work with the Philippines to change the Official saying to those 8 deaths in Manila Hostage families, from “Apology” to “Sorrow”…
Very obvious those major counties are those who would be the beneficiates if there is global image of China is jeopardized.
Look at the 2,000 years of histories, Did China had any single case of trigger started war to the neighbor countries!?
Look at the past 150 years Histories who countries in the about list had more than once invaded Countries in the world…
Look at fact. Who claims they are the world power or police, and in fact who is the bad guy, who killed the leaders of Iraq, Liberia, and Egypt!? Who Bombed the Embassy of China? Who is the real trouble maker of the war? Who started 911 WTC incident?
Who has justice in law as a 14 years old poor black kid killed one guy by his car was sentenced to 10 years, and Etan Couch who is 16 and drunk to crash his pickup to kill 4 people, but he was said to be Affuenza case and is under psychological treatment for one year without any sentence under the bars, as he is from a rich white family!
Yes you know the answer, when someone is growth bigger, stronger and larger... many people will envy start the evil craws to stir it up.
Don't forget China had 25% of the Worlds’ total GDP in 1820, and at that time. Who is the world leader? however due to Ching’ corrupted Sovereign, those foreign Western countries  came to China to rob, burn, steal, kill and occupy….
Remember, if China is in trouble of WAR, who will suffer? And Who evil will be smiling?
HK Snob
14 Dec 2013

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