Sunday, December 1, 2013

Go for the BEST!

When I was young, a 50 Cent pineapple bun would be the nicest snack after school… it would be an extravaganza if I could have another 20 Cents Pepsi.
When you grow up, I could afford to buy myself a Rolex Date Just, that seemed one of the greatest moment in life as I they counted the cash of HKD$5,025 , as at that time my month salary was just HKD$4,000.
But when we had achieved something, even man is trying to find all excuses to buy gift for himself, many people told me work hard and play hard… well, they play hard, not pay hard… in many cases I see many people buys unnecessary stuff aimlessly. They work not too hard, but they really pay hard…
Many people have a lot of credit debt. And I can assure that it kills you, I once had HKD$600,000 credit card debt, that was high in comparing with my income.  Luckily I made up my mind to let go some of the watches to pay the money back to the Bank… since then I cut the AMEX, Diner, MC and leaving two Visa cards. I was a free man since then, I believe this is a good practice to control not to over spending. 

When we grow up, we gradually find out that we started to appreciate more about Quality of living,
What is said to be good watch, finery fountain pen, good wine with Value for Money, a nice car!

What I am trying to say is that people do not need too many watches, but they need a few good watches.

Next time when you want to buy watch, think again, is that necessary!? I had a Black, do I need a White of the same model?

Yes, if you had a ref 116250 Daytona Black, you do not need a White?

If you had a White Gold Submariner, forget all the Black, green, Two tone… as the white gold stands out itself…!

Buy for the BEST, not the REST!

HK Snob

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