Saturday, August 2, 2014

Geneva Bucherer Watch Price, cheaper than Hong Kong!?

  Picture was taken by HK Watch Fever Special agent Ken in 30 July 2014

The price of Rolex in Switzerland is More Expensive than that in Hong Kong.
This is the Bucherer In Geneva
Unit is Swiss France CHF, I am using Ex-Rate 8.55 for HK Dollars

These are prices in Bucherer:
Explorer II M216570 CHF7,700  ( HKD $65,635)
HK Rolex AD List Price HK$60,500*

Submariner Stainless steel no date M114060 CHF7,100 (equivalent HKD$60,705)
HK Rolex AD List Price HK$58,000*

Submariner Date Two Tone M116613LB CHF12,800 (equivalent HKD$109,400)
HK Rolex AD List Price HK$94,700*

Submariner Stainless Steel Black M116610LN CHF8,100 (equivalent HKD$69,255)
HK Rolex AD List Price HK$62,100*

Milgauss Green glass grey dial M116400GV CHF7,800  (equivalent HKD$66,690)
HK Rolex AD List Price HK$59,600*

Milgauss Blue dial (2014 New) M16400GV Blue Dial CHF7,300 (equivalent HKD$62,415)
HK Rolex AD List Price $59,600  NO Discount

GMT master II TT M116713LN CHF12,400  (equivalent HKD$106,020)
HK Rolex AD List Price HK$91,500*

GMT Master Blue Black M116710 BLNR  CHF8,500 (equivalent HKD$72,675)
HK Rolex AD List Price HK$65,300 (No Discount to less 5% Discount depending on which AD)

SeaDweller 4000 M116600 CHF9,900 (equivalent HKD$84,645)
HK Rolex AD List Price HK$78,800  (less 5%)

DeepSea 116660 CHF11,500 (equivalent HKD$89,325)
HK Rolex AD List Price HK$82,500  (less 5%)*

Discount at Rolex AD like Geneva Bucherer is 5% with cash and 3% with VISA card!

There is 8% tax , but could be waived if you are foreigner. unless you get big or the price of this is more expensive than that in Hong Kong.

This is a Case of my colleague who went to buy in another Rolex AD on Geneva
Daytona 116520 White final Price HKD$92,000
GMT Master 116710BLNR how much? HKD$68,000
Date Just 177200-70160 HKD$38,000
As They charge 2% on card, plus 2% Ex-rate, that is 4% more.
So I confirm the price of the watch bought in Switzerland is more expensive than in Hong Kong.

Remarks * We gets additional 5% (10%) discount in Rolex AD.
HK Watch Fever
HK Snob

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W said...

With the Swiss francs down to about 7.9 I believe Swiss price maybe be slightly cheaper than in HK