Monday, August 18, 2014

The Ultimate Journey out to the Space!


When one was about to ask his wife to give me money to buy a preowned Ferrari 360 yellow with just 36,000KM. with HKD$650,000!, Friend of mine told him his mate had just changed a new Lambor Aventator, he showed the picture on his Iphone4, well, It was a fantastic car, of course, no question about it! How about a Pagani Huayra….

It could not be coming into an end as there are new model of Human’s most expensive Toy for people who like SPEED every years on road.

Whatever car you are driving could not possible be comparable to the experience to be on Virgin Galactic flight into the space.  It could blow off 100,000 litres of fuel to move up high enough to get rid of the Earth’s Gravitational force and spin you out the space with an acceleration of 15G.

Imagine that could be once in life time experience and not too many people could afford to pay for the ticket… I cannot. Not been the ticket going to New Mexico’s departure station in economy class.

I just thought to myself what is the best watch the passenger should wear?

GMT MASTER II? I think that is no use as we don't know how we should set the 2nd time zone!

Submariner? Day Date? No, I think only one watch a Daytona as you can measure only the flying time and it may be the only watch that it still could be function normally after the Flight….

Oh HK Snob, dream on…

HK Watch Fever
HK Snob
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