Friday, August 29, 2014

A drop of Loctite threadlocker will save your Rolex from dropping!

This is an accident to get scratches on another friend's beloved GMT Master II,
Since this is new, I suggested him to bring to RSC for FREE Polishing!

 Loctite 242 threadlocker

Have you noticed that your Rolex watch pin for locking up the links were added a drop of threadlocker?

That tiny drop of threadlocker could save your expensive Rolex from loosening and or drop out!

Today my colleague's new GMT Master Black blue was dropped,  luckily onto the carpet!
Simply the Korean Rolex shop staff did not put any threadlocker onto the pin when he bought his watch at Seoul Airport.

In Hong Kong, there are shops don't apply Loctite onto your Rolex. There are also Rolex AD to put Loctite after bracelet lenght adjustment.

I would recommend you to use as the Threadlocker is not adhesive, it prevents pins or screws being loosened. It will not corrode the gold pins or stainless steel pin of your Rolex bracelet. Same for Roger Dubuis, the shop manager at PP helped me to add Loctite too to ensure the massive watch case won't be separated from the leather strap due to loosened gold pin!

Next time, remind your Rolex shop to do it after bracelet length adjustment.

I listen to Aus Pron Star's advice to apply Loctite 242 is it is would not seized on all fine screw Rolex bracelet pin.

As for my big Roger Dubuis, I used Loctite 262 which is a stronger threadlocker as the pin is much thicker and would be unscrewed without difficulties.
HK Snob


Anonymous said...

I suggest you use 242 instead. Without high frequency vibration, you will not need more than blue. It requires a bigger force to unscrew red or it might seize. The Rolex screw has a fine head and could strip if not careful.

AUS porn star snob

HK Snob said...

Hi Aus Porn Star Snob

Long time no news about you...
yes Right , Rolex Pin should owrk Ok for 242

I updated already

Show me your latest Movie!!

HK Snob

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I have over done last year with 3 trips and 20 scenes. Had a bit of a break this year. Production begins again next month and then Jan. Sorry nothing to share yet. The best way to not strip the screw is to use a Rolex screw driver.

HK Snob said...

you should share with me the scene.
Do you have a chance to meet somem of the movie star!? Get me a Autograph!?
I wonder how could you have so much money, time energy for this kind of movie shooting!?

Oh yes, We used to use good screw driver, still recommend to add Loctite, I almost dropped my Audemar Piguet, and One Rolex Day date because of not using such glue lock!

Get me some good picture of the real movie star!

How about shooting model!?
HK Snob

Anonymous said...

We are all busy with things. Then, we can all find time to do things that we love doing. No autograph on set. I think we get to know each other rather well on set to ask for an autograph ;-)

I am sure you can fund a trip to be a movie star yourself. Is all about where you want to spend your hard earn money. Instead of buying a new platinum Daytona each year, I choose to shoot movies!

HK Snob said...

you got the point, have you noticed that I have been seriously practising the sex kung fu? I want to move into hollywood to play movie...sorry my money so earned is hard cored, as it contains blood, sweat, that is why my beloved locks up my money every month... does not allow me to spend for watches....Platinum Daytona remains a dream in my mind only...besides, i may only sell watch to fly over US making movie...that must be real great fun.
Back to reality, you are 40s, i am 50s, it may waste a lot of film before i am ready to shoot....time is one would like to waste for this chap … even i pay for them...
hk snob