Monday, August 4, 2014

The Rolex D-Blue Dial DeepSea is Arriving!

After I checked Rolex Website, we found that this DeepSea finally been unveiled...

Commemorating James Cameron’s historic solo dive. From brilliant blue to bottomless black, its two-colour gradient dial celebrates one man’s journey to the deepest place on earth: the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

That clear some of the uncertainties of my friends that who suspected that the dial colour could change itself!

Whether or not the dial design is beautiful is subjective, I like the Green DEEPSEA words. Who Wonder if Rolex will issue aother newer version with other Colour of DEEPSEA?

Let's see but chances is low.

I have talked to Rolex AD Managers, they said the watch will arrive HK about September, Price is more expensive than HKD$82,500.

There are few types of Submariner namely:

116610LN stainless steel black List Price HKD$62,100
116610LV HULK green dial Green Bezel List price HKD$66,100
116600 SeaDweller 4000 List Pirce HKD$78,800
116613LN Black or 116613LB Blue dial Two Tone List price HKD$94,700
116618LB Yellow Gold Blue Dial list Price  HKD$242,500
116619LB White Gold Blue dial List price HKD$263,600

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