Saturday, August 23, 2014

Reward Peso 5,000,000 for Manny Pacquiao’s Lost Daytona!

Manny's Another Rolex Daytona

Manny Pacquiao lost his Vintage Daytona in a 5 star Hotel in Manila
The message was reported by Blog friend Johnson at Manny’s face book.
From what he said this is a Vintage Rolex, yes, Vintage (model?) Daytona embedded with diamonds.

Question 1
Pacquiao said the watch was Vintage, on he said that the watch was Rolex Cosmograph year model 2010 with serial number G753439 (verified that GXXXXXX is 2010 watch).

Question 2.
He knows this is rare and expensive watch why he put down his watch for hand washing, most of all Rolex is waterproof including this Daytona. Pacman ' watch may have problem in water resistant.
 I never put down my watch in rest room.

Question 3
How much this watch is worth? I really don't know much of vintage Rolex as it depends who wants to buy it at Auction, this watch is at least worth USD$485,000 (according to MP said in his Fb)

Some of places he used to show up, like La Opera at Fort or Wooden Horse Restaurant in Alabang as I have seen his pictures Manny taken with Restaurant’s owner Kochi Tabei hanging at the wall beside the rest room.

Next time I should follow him to the rest room, as he used to have a lot of Expensive Rolex!

This is another Pink gold Rolex (or Yellow Gold)

If you found the watch, you will get the Peso 5M reward.

HK Snob

PS Pacman Found his watch on 26 Aug, and yet who is the lucky one to get the 5M award is not known!

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