Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rolex Day Date 1803

Rolex best of the best: Day Date Ref 1803.
For those who Love watches would not ignore this most adorable model Rolex 1803.
I have been posted 70 posts on this "Day Date", Why? Simply because there are so much fun to collect., to wear, to show, to depend, to expect on such a Long lasting Rolex Flag Ship Model 1803!
It is slimmer, smaller in outlook than the newer 18038,  it is super durable, never miss any of your Important dating with your girl friend, or buy friends, ex-wife at Pak Kai Hotel.

It is super Attractive, never been losing face in front of other watches at executive meeting, balls, parties and meeting your president.
But more funny part is that they have tried all effort to use different colour, material to make the watch so Attractive, to beautiful, I like those Wild Colour, I like Diamond, that Rolex 1803 has all I need.
These are some of the Rolex Day Date, some are my watches, some are getty pictures, Look at them who can have so many colour, dial for a single model of watch, ONLY Rolex…

If you hesitate to go into this world of Day Date, I can say, it is not too late! For those who are already addicted to 1803, they know what I am saying.

For those who have been poisoned by 1803, well, no one can help you unless you sell some of your best collection, will you!?

There is one Alien in the Picture, Which ONE?
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