Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New DeepSea 116660 D-Blue Dial Will Come HK Mid September 2014

Euro 10,500 for a DeepSea 116660 at Switzerland

The New D-Blue DeepSea will arrive Hong Kong Mid September as planned according to one of the Top Three Rolex AD Shop managers said...

List price $90,500! 

HKD$8,000 more expensive that the Black DeepSea!

Dont expect to have any discount in the first phase.

The pictures shown here is the Rolex AD in Switzerland what carries a price of Euro 10,500, Which is much higher than we get it in HK.

t's see how is the reaction of the market.Rolex can sell a stainless steel watch at such a Price... I can buy Two Soild Gold 1803!, but Colour is the Magic, and a good marketing Strategy, who does not want to be the first holder of this Watch!?

HK Snob!


Jay G said...

Hi HK Snob! Is there available Deep sea blue right now in Hong Kong?


HK Snob said...

Hi Jay
yes, of course


HK Snob